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General name change information
Advice for transgender adults and children

For adults
If you are at the stage where you are ready to permanently live in your acquired gender, you will want to change your name.  We provide a confidential service for transgender people who wish to change their name by Deed Poll.  Your Deed Poll document will enable you to get all your official documents and records changed to your new name including your passport, driving licence, bank account and medical records etc.  Furthermore, we can also change your title when we change your name.  For example, if you are a trans woman, it is perfectly legal for you to change your title to Miss, Ms or Mrs when you change your name.

The Deed Poll process is the preferred choice for transsexuals who wish to change their legal name and title.  Unlike a Statutory Declaration, which needs to be sworn before a Commission for Oaths or Justice of the Peace, the Deed Poll document we post to you simply needs to signed in the presence of an independent witness such as a friend.  This can be done in the privacy of your home, which most people prefer to having to make an appointment and visit a firm of solicitors to have a Statutory Declaration sworn.

It is important to bear in mind that changing your name and title does not change your gender.  This can only be achieved by obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate from the government's Gender Recognition Panel.  However, as you are probably aware, changing your name and title is part of the required process of demonstrating to the Gender Recognition Panel that you are permanently living in your acquired gender.

Similarly, changing your title does not change your marital status.  If you are a single male and you change your title to Mrs, your marital status remains as single.

When you are ready to change your name and title, please click on the How to apply link below to read a summary of the Deed Poll process and the ways you can apply to us for your Deed Poll.

For children
If your child has gender dysphoria, we can modify your deed poll to make it 'gender neutral' i.e. we replace words such as 'son', 'he' and 'his' with the word child.  For example, the beginning of a sentence on your deed poll will say: "On behalf of our son [name] who was born on [date], we absolutely renounce and abandon the use of his former name of..."  This will be changed to: "On behalf of our child [name], who was born on [date], we absolutely renounce and abandon the use of our child’s former name of..."  If you wish this modification to be made, an additional fee of £4 is payable.

In addition to making your deed poll gender neutral, we can make a further modification to include a change of title from Master to Miss or Miss to Master.  Changing a young person's title on their official documents and records can be a problem but we find if we include it on the deed poll document, record holders (government departments, companies and organisations) will recognise it.  If you wish us to include a change of title, an additional fee of £4 is payable.

Please use the comments box on the aplication form to let us know if you require either or both of the above mentioned modifications to be made to your deed poll.  Please say either "Please issue a gender neutral deed poll." or "Please issue a gender neutral deed poll with a change of title from Master to Miss (or Miss to Master).

Last updated: 25 November 2016

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